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Headed by Emmy Award-winning director Patrick Greene, we believe our passion sets Symbio Studios apart. Many production companies can claim they have the necessary know-how to complete projects on-time and within budget. But technical skills and financial discipline alone aren’t enough. Outstanding productions begin with passion—it’s the crucial factor that ensures that at all stages of a project, no one settles for just “good enough”. When film-making is motivated by passion, it means a commitment to doing things the right way so that the vision behind a project is fully realized.

With our deep experience in all aspects of the production process, we know how to meet the practical challenges imposed by schedules and budgets. But more than that, we simply love bringing to life images that thrill, inspire, and evoke a sense of wonder.

Our work spans a range of genres—including nature, historical documentaries, and education—and it includes content created for traditional distribution channels such as cable and broadcast, as well as for new media including online and apps. Uniting all of it is a desire to always produce great work—to put in the extra creative effort to create superb content.

Our experience includes working with--both directly and through other agencies--some of the most prominent organizations in the creation, broadcast, and distribution of scientific, educational, and historical content.