Battle for the Black Swan Special

A one-hour Discovery Special (then transferred into a 13-part series called Treasure Quest) that featured the recovery of the largest shipwreck treasure.


Discovery Channel


Field Producer & Director of Photography: Patrick Greene
Produced by: JWM Productions

Behind the Scenes

This shoot felt like we were living inside a real-life Tom Clancey novel.  Once we got the call that something big happened, we jumped on a plane the next day and boarded the RV Odyssey Explorer out of Gibraltar.  On board there was a collection of scientists, engineers, hedge fund investors and photographers.  After we entered  international waters, we were given the briefing -- the crew on the Odyssey had just discovered the largest shipwreck treasure ever found.  For the next 6 weeks we documented the  recovery of  17 tons of silver and gold coins from the bottom of ocean worth half a billion dollars.  The toughest part was not the round-the-clock hours of work, but not being able to tell anyone about the find until the news was released 6 months later.