Patrick Greene / Director & Founder

National Emmy award winning director Patrick Greene, has experience that spans over 12 years, from conceptualizing ideas to capturing images, to turning them into finished content for broadcast via traditional distribution channels as well as through new-media such as online VOD and interactive apps. He has worked on more than 100s of productions as a Director, Producer and Director of Photography.  From documenting the world’s largest shipwreck treasure recovery, diving with tiger sharks in South Africa to uncovering secrets of Machu Picchu, Patrick’s work has spanned all continents and oceans and involved technically challenging underwater shoots, production in remote areas, and use of innovative technology.  Full Bio.

Brigitta Shroyer / line PRODUCER

Brigitta brings 20 years of experience managing specials and series for commercial television (Smithsonian Channel, History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel, Bravo, and Military Chanel) and for non-profit clients and government agencies. 

With her skills in developing schedules, budgets, and cost tracking, she ensures that productions maintain high quality and stay within budget.  In her downtime, Brigitta can be found hiking and cycling in the Shenandoah mountains.


Linda has a diversity of experiences in production for broadcast and educational audiences.  At National Geographic, she served as a series researcher, identifying intriguing stories and ensuring that science was properly portrayed.

As biologist, specializing in sharks, Linda has worked on these predators around the world from the Florida Keys to Tahiti and Australia.  During her work she has published multiple papers and been featured in a National Geographic documentary on bull and hammerhead sharks.  Linda brings her passion for nature and education and incredible work ethic to the Symbio team.


Mike is a Biologist, Explorer, Educator, and Television Host.  Currently, he is the Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Florida International University.  An internationally renowned marine ecologist, specializing in sharks and other large marine animals, Dr. Heithaus has published more than 120 scientific papers and book chapters.  In addition, he has helped edit three scientific books on sharks, written two High School textbooks (Biology, Environmental Science) and is a program author on a K-8 Science program.  He can be found studying sharks and other marine creatures in remote corners of the world, or speaking to kids and their teachers at K-12 schools across the country.


Chris specializes in science, history, and engineering broadcast and educational content. His producing credits include Shape of Life (PBS); Modern Marvels, How the States Got Their Shapes and Digging for the Truth (for HISTORY); National Geographic Explorer, Jobs that Bite and Deadly Dozen (National Geographic); Treasure Quest (Discovery); and United States of Drinking (Smithsonian Channel).
In his former capacity as Supervising Producer for the National Geographic Specials on PBS, he managed the creative content, sponsorship, and grant development for over four dozen public television projects.  Projects in that position include the award-winning Strange Days on Planet Earth, Inside Air Force One, and the documentary tv series presentation of Guns, Germs, and Steel.  He also received a national Emmy for Outstanding Programming in Science, Technology, and Nature for his work on Predators at War.


Kate Kirlin  / Production assistant

Kate grew up in the heart of DC, and holds a BA in Film & Media Arts from American University.  During her undergraduate career, she travelled to a remote rainforest in Nicaragua to promote environmental protection through her filmmaking.  She has worked with several environmental conservation nonprofits, creating social media videos that reached thousands of viewers.  When she’s not assisting shoots and edits, she enjoys taking photos, spending time with family and friends, and watching comedies.